"Why do we fall, Bruce?"

"So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

On August 25th, I was supposed to perform at Gamble Sands. We got there, got everything set up, and then during the soundcheck my guitar pickup decided it had had enough and died.

Without any warning. Without a word. Without explanation.

"But that's life, I suppose! You go along and suddenly... poof!" 

I'm getting my movies all mixed up.

So I had a microphone coming through the speakers, but there was no guitar. After trying many, many things (and then trying them all a second or third time), I eventually had to cancel. Even though I was there. Even though a lovely audience was there. 

All this to say...
We were able to reschedule for September 15th at 6:30 PM--thank you, Natasha and Gamble Sands! I'm looking forward to performing at the Danny Boy Bar & Grill in a couple weeks, and I'm praying it will be problem-free this time.

However, if something like that happens again... I now know what to do. If it happens again, I will turn into Kiernan Kane and become a wandering minstrel, going from table to table and singing anyway. 

September 15th looks like it will be the last date before I head to Nashville in October to finish up the recording work for Album Three! 

Real album title coming soon...