Thank You

The trip to Illinois last week… was so. much. fun.

Spending my first 21 years calling West Chicago home, I loved all the familiar places—Winfield, Wheaton, Warrenville, Geneva, St. Charles… 

It was strange and wonderful and bittersweet how many things were exactly as I remembered them. It was like the only thing that grew up a little bit was me. Oh, there were changes, but… for the most part, everything was the same.

To everyone who came out to the DuPage County Fair and to EvenFlow Music on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday—THANK YOU!


Sally and Erv, Alison, Kristin, the Schmidt Family, Mrs. Rooks, Mrs. Butcher, Brad, Dave, Kathryn, Anna, the McCarthy Family, Uncle Mark, Jean, Mrs. Younglove, Emily, Lon, Dr. Frost, Mark and Nanette, Jim and Betsy, Mark and Joyce, Henry, Jeff and Emma, Becca, Sheri, Uncle Rob, Melody, Charlie, Uncle Todd and Aunt Cath, the Walker Families, Barbie, Aunt Dorothy Jean, Aunt Annie, Bob and Diane, Keith and Linda, the McGehees, Tom, Sue, Heather… And all the kiddos.

Thank you for coming to support me and my music on this mini-tour back home. I loved seeing you all, and it refreshed my spirit to talk to so many of you!

It was good to be home.


P.S. If you're ever in the Chicagoland Area and want some food place suggestions... Portillo's, Pal Joey's, Giordano's, Gino's East...

Yes, three of those four are pizza places.