When in Nashville...


What a week!

Monday and Tuesday were spent in the studio, and this session was much different than recording sessions past. In the picture above, we have Joel Key on the left, Paul Nelson, myself, Gary Prim, and John Nicholson. Once again, John (engineer and producer at Hilltop Recording Studios) did a fantastic job of putting a great team together for me. Joel, Paul, and Gary... These guys...
They got the songs perfectly.

The sound for the songs we recorded earlier this week was crafted by Joel's acoustic guitar, Paul's cello, and Gary on the keys. These are the first songs I've ever requested a cello for, and oh my goodness! It won't be the last!

My grandpa played the cello, and I've always loved the sound--who's with me?

I'd been looking forward to this session with the cello and the smaller team of musicians for quite some time... and they didn't disappoint.

I can not wait to let these songs be yours.

On Wednesday night, I had a chance to be a part of the Nashville Rounds at The Commodore downtown. Every time I get to sing there, it just gets more and more fun. I love all the original music and hearing what other songwriters come up with. There are a lot of talented people in this city.

Last night, my parents took me to a show at The Ryman! That was a first for all of us! The show was hosted by Larry Gatlin (he is the definition of "If you wanna make a living, you gotta put on a good show"), and I couldn't help singing along to "All the Gold in California". The guests on the show were Linda Davis, Rhonda Vincent, Daryle Singletary, and... The Oak Ridge Boys. The Oak Ridge Boys!

I loved every bit of it.

And tomorrow... April 29th...

I'll be singing at the Winery at Fontanel in Whites Creek, TN from 2-4 PM!
If you know anyone in the area, feel free to pass this along! I'd love to meet friends and family of friends and family!

Then I'll soon be homeward bound. What a week.

I hope you all have had a good week too!


P.S. On a side note: I played some Piano Guys music for my dad on the drive from Washington to Tennessee--for inspiration, and Steven Sharp Nelson's "Cello Song" and their rendition of "Story of My Life"... absolutely beautiful. 

Well... all of their music is beautiful.