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Wander With Me

Wander With Me came out one month ago today!

Thank you for purchasing the new album! 
Be it a CD or downloading the album from iTunes (or both as some of you have said!)... thank you so much for supporting my music. It means the world to me, and I hope you love the new songs!

It is so much fun to finally be sharing this music with you and to hear your thoughts. It's always a little bit nerve-wracking to share something for the first time... but you always make that something to look forward to. Thank you all for your encouraging words and your uncommon kindness.

Thank you for wandering along with me...


"Wander With Me" Music Video

I've been so excited to share this with you! This is the music video for "Wander With Me"! I hope you love it!

Many thanks to Joel Key (Guitar), Gary Prim (Piano), Paul Nelson (Cello), and John Nicholson at Hilltop Recording Studios.

And many more thanks to Evan Walker and Grant Walker for this video--my first real music video! Thank you for your vision, for making this fun, and for loving this song. Also... I loved having such a great excuse to go wander in the wilderness. So thank you for that, too.

And many thanks to Michael and Sue--thank you for lending us your beautiful home. I have sung for open hearts...

And thank you to everyone who has come out to hear me sing these past few years--thank you for wandering with me!


"Wander With Me" is available on iTunes


One Week!

Here are a couple more song introductions for you!

Jan 8 Wildflowers in a Mason Jar.jpg

"Wild Flowers in a Mason Jar" was written by Dennis Linde, and I heard it for the first time just shortly after I started truly performing. It wasn't a new song by any means, but it was brand new to me; and I easily fell in love with it. 
I've been singing this song ever since.

I love the story inside this song, and it reminds me of my grandpa.
My grandma and grandpa used to have a blue and white motorhome, and one summer, my cousin and I got to ride in it from our grandparents' house to a lake where the whole family was getting together for a couple weeks... My grandpa was driving, and my grandma was in the passenger seat; and my grandpa told my cousin and me stories the whole way to Gull Lake. I don't know how many of his stories were true, but that road trip with my grandma and grandpa will always be one of my favorite memories...

John Denver recorded "Wild Flowers in a Mason Jar", and I've been a massive John Denver fan my whole life. He's one of my favorites. So I loved having the opportunity to record a song he sang that isn't one of his most well-known.

Dec 28 Wander With Me.jpg

"Wander With Me" is the title song on the the album!

I have no behind the scenes for you for this song at the moment... 
You'll just have to wait and hear it a week from now... when the Wander With Me album comes out on January 18!!

I'm excited... 
Are you excited??



Two Weeks

Here are a couple more song introductions for you!

"The Runaways" is based on true stories as well as ones made up, and if I were to tell you which parts were which.... Well, that would ruin it.

This song was so much fun to record--it came to life in the studio!
Ah, I hope you love it.

Jan 4 Rise and Fall.jpg

"Wish you could see you the way I do
Until you do, I will believe in you
Enough for the both of us..."

Throughout my life (and especially in recent years), I have had the encouraging support of my family. My mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, and even my little nieces and nephews... They are a constant source of goodness to me.

Many of the lines in this song are things they have said to me, and I saw this song as my chance to say it all back to them. As well as to you. 

I can't wait for you to hear these songs...


Wander With Me is coming out two weeks from today!

Two weeks!!