Two Weeks

Here are a couple more song introductions for you!

"The Runaways" is based on true stories as well as ones made up, and if I were to tell you which parts were which.... Well, that would ruin it.

This song was so much fun to record--it came to life in the studio!
Ah, I hope you love it.

Jan 4 Rise and Fall.jpg

"Wish you could see you the way I do
Until you do, I will believe in you
Enough for the both of us..."

Throughout my life (and especially in recent years), I have had the encouraging support of my family. My mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, and even my little nieces and nephews... They are a constant source of goodness to me.

Many of the lines in this song are things they have said to me, and I saw this song as my chance to say it all back to them. As well as to you. 

I can't wait for you to hear these songs...


Wander With Me is coming out two weeks from today!

Two weeks!!