Thank you + Thank you some more

Hello friends!

So last week, over on the Facebooks, you may have seen that "Smoke and Mirrors" was played on The Radio Cafe's Top 10 Countdown--a Los Angeles radio show dedicated to supporting indie music! I... was pretty excited about that. 

To get the song played this week, I needed your help to vote it on, and...
YOU DID IT! You got "Smoke and Mirrors" through to this week's show!!
Last week, it was a bonus song--not even in the actual Top 10, and this week, it was #6! Because of you guys!

"Smoke and Mirrors" was a part of last night's program thanks to you. THANK YOU!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Should we go for week three?

For "Smoke and Mirrors" to be included in next week's show too, it needs enough votes to send it on! If you have a minute, would you help a song out?
You can vote right here

And if you'd like to listen to the whole show, you can find it on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. Just look up "The Radio Cafe Top 10 Countdown w/ Christopher Ewing"--their April 16th show!

"Smoke and Mirrors" plays around 15:45!

On another note but in the same library of THANK YOU's...
I just noticed that "Wildfire" is about to pass 1,000 streams on Spotify! 
You all are truly the best. And my favorites. Thank you.

All the love,