This Sunday in Seattle, I'll be kicking off Songwriter Sunday at Tim's Tavern at 6 PM! 
This will be my first time playing in Seattle, actually!

So if you're in the city and/or if you know anyone who would be interested, I could sure use the moral support! I would love to see you there.

March 11 at Tim's Tavern in Seattle--6 PM!

I feel like I've said Seattle too many times...

It's good to be getting back in the swing of performing... 

Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of singing at Sixknot Taphouse in Winthrop, WA--my first performance of the year! (I felt just a liiiittle bit rusty...) This place had a charming, bustling, bright atmosphere, and they made me feel very welcome from the moment I walked inside. I mention that only because... it was incredibly nice. 

After finishing my second set, I got to play a couple songs with a fantastic violinist--John Sinclair. It was the definition of spontaneous, but everyone got quiet and they brought the lights down a bit... I don't get that opportunity very often--to share the stage with someone, and since it was so unplanned, it felt like a gift to me.
That was definitely the highlight of the evening.

With new dates popping up and new venues on the horizon, I'm looking forward to the highlights yet to come!

Let me know if there's somewhere I've gotta play this year!


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