Three Album Set (CDs)

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Three Album Pack.jpg

Three Album Set (CDs)


All three albums!

Whispered Stories
Tracks: Not Afraid, Roxie, Something to Miss, Daddy, Worth the Tears, Goodbye, Not My Song to Sing, The Ballad of Wall, Satellites, The Fisherman, How Do I Know, and Wake Up America

Leavin' Home 
Tracks: Meet Me in the Wildwood, Letter in the Attic, Wildfire, Adventure, Looking at the Rain, Turn Right, He Gave Me the Sea ("Lie-lady-roo"), A Little Bit of Someday, She Almost Did, Paper Chase, Someday Soon, and The County Fair

Wander With Me
Tracks: Wander With Me, Wild Flowers in a Mason Jar, Rise and Fall, Wilderness for Heart, Smoke and Mirrors, Dear Heart. The Runaways, Then You Don’t Know Me, Really Truly Only, Like No Tomorrow, Forever Young

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