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Brittany Jean

Singer | Songwriter | Storyteller

in a tiny, apple town... 

Brittany Jean is an Americana singer/songwriter in the Pacific Northwest--currently living in Brewster, WA. Brittany's music reflects her country-folk roots in her storyteller style.

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Brittany has released three albums (“Whispered Stories”, “Leavin’ Home”, and "Wander With Me")—all recorded at Hilltop Recording Studios in Nashville, TN, and her third album (“Wander With Me”) was released on January 18, 2018. Of the 35 songs she has recorded so far, 31 of them are originals. 
Listen to the "Wander With Me" album down below!

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Wander With Me

by Brittany Jean

From songs about wildflowers and heroes to promises and sparrows, this is Brittany's best work yet. This album is a collection of life-snaps, and from one wanderer to another... you should give it a listen.


Here is the music video for "Wander With Me".
"Wander With Me" was written to Brittany's faithful fans and friends who have been "wandering along with" her so far. 

Here is the lyric video for "Smoke and Mirrors".
"Smoke and Mirrors" was the first single released from Brittany's new album "Wander With Me".

Here is the music video for "Wildfire" which was written in response to first-hand experience during the Carlton Complex Wildfires of 2014 (the largest wildfires in Washington State history at the time—a record broken the following year). This song was a centerpiece for the fundraising effort of the Carlton Complex Longterm Recovery Group, whose purpose is to rebuild the 300+ homes that were lost in 2014.



Venues ranging from farmers' markets and wineries to full, solo concerts in auditoriums and theaters, Brittany has sung all over Washington, and in 2016, she began branching out-of-state to sing further from home. She has performed in Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin… Here's a list of all the places Brittany has played!
More to come!


I hope you enjoyed my music!