You are invited!

The Merc.jpg

On December 22, I would love for you to join me at The Merc Playhouse Theater in Twisp, WA, for an evening of winter music, Christmas music, and story music!

When: December 22 at 5 o'clock in the evening

Where: The Merc Playhouse - 101 S Glover St, Twisp, WA 98856

Tickets: $10 - You can purchase your tickets in advance here, and they will be held at will-call for you at the theater!

Oh, also...
The first ten people to purchase their tickets will receive a copy of "Wander With Me"!

I hope to see you there!!

All the love,

P.S. Please do pass this invitation on! Bring your family and friends! And neighbors!

Thanksgiving + Sale

Hello all!

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Mine was quiet and wonderful, spent with some of the people I love most. Makes for a pretty perfect day.

Hey, I wanted to let you know that right now (almost) everything is on sale over at my store! Albums and mason jars are many percents off! (I know there's something grammatically wrong with that sentence, but in the real world... that's probably how I would have said it...)

If you're looking for a unique gift for someone or even for yourself this Christmas, go check out the store:!

I have a few Christmas shows coming up in Chelan, Bonners Ferry, and Twisp--so keep an eye on my schedule if you're interested in those!
(A couple of them haven't been posted just yet!) 
I'd love to see you!

I'm looking forward to this season.
It is, after all... the most wonderful time of the year! 

All the love, Brittany

Spokane Public Radio

Hello again!

Just a quick note to let you know I'll be at the Spokane Fall Folk Festival today (which is super exciting)--playing the Underground Stage at 4 PM!
Here's a map if you want to come by!

But I also wanted to let you know, I'm going to be singing a few songs LIVE on Spokane Public Radio (KPBX-FM 91.1) around 11:25 this morning if you wanna tune in!

Or you can listen online here:

All the love, Brittany

"Wilderness For Heart" Music Video


This song is for the wild at heart.

And this video is completely all thanks to Grant Walker. 
He had this vision for "Wilderness For Heart", and I'm so grateful he was willing to pour his own heart into this project.

We went on quite the adventures to get every piece of this video--exploring places I never would've known were there. Exploring the wilderness... I loved seeing so much more of Washington--what an exquisitely beautiful, rugged, wild part of the country... 

I can't wait to hear what you all think!
If you enjoy it, please do pass it on and share it with fellow wanderers!

All the love,

A Different Kind of Post


I have never in my life read a book so slowly for fear of reaching the last page.

Growing up, my dad read to me and my siblings every night. Together, we explored such worlds as Middle Earth, Narnia, Prydain, the Wild Wood, and so many other wonderful places. And I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember. 

My sister started writing “King’s Warrior” when I was nine (though it had a different name then), so I’ve known these characters of hers for a long time. Throughout the years, they’ve been good friends of mine. It all started with a summer challenge where my sister was writing ten pages a night for my dad to read aloud to the rest of us. Before a family trip to Minnesota, she wrote many pages ahead so we’d have enough to read every night. Several of those nights, my whole family went down to Trout Lake with a flashlight, and we were all lying on the dock looking up at the stars (in the clearest skies known to man) while my dad read to the very end of Jenelle’s first book. 

Fast forward to now...

“Minstrel’s Call” is the culmination of her series The Minstrel’s Song--the culmination of many years and so much work and heart, and the end of this book had me in all-out, ugly-cry tears, my friends. I hated to see this story come to an end, but
what an end.

I’m a mess.

Now that may sound silly to some, but if you know what it is to love a good story, I’m sure you understand.

I’m beyond biased because the author is my wonderful, beautiful, plot-wizard sister, but… 

I can’t recommend this series enough. If you are looking for an adventure and new characters to love, pick up “King’s Warrior” and step out onto the road.

Oh, and keep an eye on the Minstrel…

Jenelle, thank you for writing my favorite books.
(I mean it. Thank you.)

There is much to be learned from such tales.

Check out Jenelle's books here!

All the love,